About Aegee-Catania

AEGEE Catania was born  in 2004 and since then it emerged as one of the most active and lively  Italian antennae.

Every year, AEGEE Catania organizes  several international events and, thanks to the Summer University project, it has become one of top 5 most required destinations in Europe. It was in fact awarded as the Best Summer University of Europe in 2006 and then 4 times in a row from 2012 to 2015, reaching the top ten also in 2016.

It works together with the ERSU of Catania, within the program “Mobility and Multiculturalism” and with the International Relations Office of the University of Catania, for what concerns the hospitality of the Erasmus student hosted by the University of Catania.

It also organized serveral other international events, such as:

  • NWM (NetWork Meeting) in 2011 and 2015
  • ESE (European School of Entrepreneurship) in 2011
  • “Let eat Be”, a culinary event in 2012
  • WU (Winter University) in 2013
  • Summer University Project School in 2016

Since 2004, it is engaged in the “Anfitrione Project”, which provides a one-to-one tutoring for each Erasmus student. Actually, every year, this program gives the opportunity to the  students of the University of Catania, to get in touch with the Erasmus students who are living a new reality and need a little help to settle in our city.

One of the purposes of AEGEE Catania is to break down stereotypes about Mafia, still highly popular abroad, by supporting the association “AddioPizzo Catania” during the year and by offering different  workshops to foreign and Italian students, including the well-known “The Godfather is just a movie?!”

Since 2010, AEGEE Catania carries out the “AEGEE Linguistic Aperitif” project, in collaboration with the European Program of “European Days of Languages”, through which AEGEE aims to promote non-formal learning methods and allows to test the individual linguistic proficiency, out of the academic context and in a culturally vibrant setting.