AEGEE-Catania - The VOLCANIC Island: The New Year’s Eve

The New Year’s Eve - 2014

Feel your heart beating reveled with the mystery that lies in this mystic Island. AEGEE-Catania is managing to discover the exquisite beauty of Sicily, uncover the mysteries of its nature and spend the nights dancing in exclusive clubs: because Sicily and especially Catania is not only the best place for summer holidays, but a wonderland to discover in winter too.

Thanks to workshops (photography, cooking, etc.) and funny activities (video making, flash mobs, traditional and modern dances) we will help you to discover the creativity inside of you. We will ignite and empower motivation and desire to let people from abroad know more about your homeland and your culture.

There will be NO boring People, NO boring Meetings, NO boring never-ending lessons…ONLY PERSONAL GROWTH AND NEVER ENDING FUN with the crazy AEGEE CATANIA family.

Are YOU ready to uncover the magic that lies in the Volcanic Island? Because WE are!


  • Ice breaking games.
  • SPECIAL Treasure Hunting.
  • Excursion to Taormina, city of Art.
  • Exclusive clubs and parties.
  • Special sport activities.
  • Local drinks testing.


  • The Italian gestures.
  • Cooking courses of SICILIAN FOOD.
  • Traditional and Modern dances.

Ideal participant:

Energetic, active, creative, courageous, open-minded, and survivor of sleepless nights and neverending pranks. REALLY, if you are not like that THIS IS NOT YOUR Winter University!